Travel tips to follow while going to Andaman

Travel tips to follow while going to Andaman 

Our heart bounces the moment we hear to spend vacation time in Andaman. Exotic beaches, beautiful islands, and surreal landscapes together make Andaman. Everywhere you will find the endless sea and marine life. 

You will find around 3000 islands in this area. Some of the major tourist spots in Andaman include a chain of mountains and ridges. This Union Territory is home to many tribes such as Jarawa, Great Andamanese, Sentinelese, and Onge. 

In this blog, we will have a glance at a travel guide of Andaman with its nice tourist attractions and lots more. 

Tourist attractions in Andaman that you should not miss 

Andaman has several places that should not be missed by anyone. Let us discuss the top places to visit in Andaman:

1. Neil Island 

Known for its captivating surroundings, Neil Island is a nice spot to spend your time. It has clear water with white sandy beaches. You can enjoy a glass-bottom boat ride on this island with your family.

2. Baratang Island 

This is another island that you visit to experience nature at its best. This island is surrounded by mangrove creeks and isolated beaches. You will also see limestone caves and mud volcanoes by visiting Barantang Island. 

3. Mount Harriet National Park 

Mount Harriet National park is one of the best spots for tourists in Andaman. This park has long coastlines and mountain ranges. You can watch a variety of birds in this national park like the Andaman drongo, wood pigeon, cuckoo dove, and so on. 

4. Mayabunder

You can enjoy a beach holiday in Mayabunder. This spot is situated in the northern part of the Middle Andamans. This region has amazing mangrove creeks, beaches, and isles all around it. 

Some other important tourist attractions of Andaman include Rangat, ChidiyaTapu, and Havelock Island. 

Best tips to follow while going to Andaman 

Andaman is the best holiday destination that you can choose for a honeymoon or happy times. However, it is necessary to follow some things to make your trip safe and beautiful. 

  • Do not visit any restricted areas or regions or tribal areas. 
  • If you are a foreign national, it is necessary to carry the required documents. 
  • It is necessary to carry sunscreen lotions while visiting Andaman during summer. The climate in these islands is hot and might affect your skin badly. 
  • It is necessary to carry a good amount of cash to spend on your trip. ATMs are not available in nearby regions. 
  • Do not throw garbage or waste on any beach or park. 
  • It is better to hire a local guide to get proper knowledge of Andaman and its tourist places. 
  • You must carry cotton clothes while going to Andaman. 
  • Hire the services of certified instructors if you want to enjoy water sports such as swimming and snorkeling. 
  • Before booking any hotel room, you must ask local guides about the hotel. You must also look at the official site of the hotels to read reviews.