Tips to follow while going for Andaman

Tips to follow while going for Andaman 

Andaman is one of the most alluring tourist destinations in India. It has exotic sea beaches, National parks, mangroves, beautiful resorts, and volcanic mountains. Whether you are a first-time visitor or an adventure junkie, Andaman is the perfect spot for everyone. 

If you want to make your Andaman trip more exciting, follow some important tips. This blog will help you to enjoy a safe Andaman trip and the things to try on your trip. 

Important things to take care of during the Andaman Trip 

1. Best weather to visit 

Andaman has a tropical climate. The best season to visit these islands is between December and May. Do not choose the rainy season as you might face cyclonic winds and heavy rains. If you are an adventurer, visit Andaman during summer to enjoy water sports. 

2. Light clothing 

These islands experience hot and humid weather during the summer season. So, it is necessary to carry cotton outfits to protect your body. If you are going in winter, carry a sweater and a woolen shawl. Sportswear is important while going for the Andaman trip. 

3. Places to visit 

There is no end to the list of places to visit in Andaman. But some places are more important than others. These places include ChidiyaTapu, Cellular Jail, Anthropological museum, and so on. From ferry services to auto-rickshaws, you will get many means of transportation in the Andaman Islands. 

4. Things to try in Andaman 

There are several things to try in the Andaman Islands for common people. Some of the best activities to try in Andaman include snorkeling in blue oceans with sea animals. You can visit Elephant Beach and North Bay to enjoy snorkeling at its best. You can also witness different sea animals while enjoying snorkeling. 

Another good activity to try in Andaman is sea walking. Taking a long walk on the sea bed with your loved ones is an amazing activity to try on these islands. Some other activities to try in the Andaman Islands include trekking, scuba diving, parasailing, and dolphin watching. 

5. Stay in Andaman 

From costly resorts to cost-effective lodges, you will find every type of hotel for your stay. If you are visiting Andaman during the peak season, it is necessary to book rooms online to avoid last-minute confusion. Some traditional huts with modern facilities are also available in Andaman for a peaceful stay. 

6. Currency exchange 

Although the city has numerous currency exchange options, you must still carry cash. If you are a foreigner, get the currency exchanged at the International airport. Carrying cash is one of the best options to enjoy your stay in Andaman. 

7. Mobile network 

If the full mobile network is what you expect in Andaman, it would not be possible. Mobile connectivity works only near main towns and city parts of Andaman. If you go to the interior parts of islands, the communication devices do not work effectively. So, you must switch off your mobile phones while going onthe Andaman trip. 

Final words   

It is necessary to plan your Andaman trip well to avoid any mistakes and enjoy a trip to the fullest. Follow the above-mentioned tips for a perfect holiday in sandy paradise!