Andaman- Hidden jewel of Southern India

Andaman- Hidden jewel of Southern India

Beach is the most commonly chosen place for vacation by many families and bachelors. Serene Ocean waters with huge coconut trees and scenic beauty fill your heart with zeal and excitement. One such beautiful place is the Andaman Islands. The alluring beauty of Andaman will hypnotize you in seconds and you won’t feel to come back. 

These islands have many notable places to see for a tourist. This blog describes all the significant places of attraction in Andaman and things to try in these islands. 

Must-watch places in Andaman 

The Andaman Islands have many offbeat places to visit once on your trip. Let us have a look at some of the best places to visit in the Andaman Islands:

1. Neil Island 

Neil Island is one of the most elegant places in Andaman with scenic beauty. It is blessed with white sandy beaches and green forests. Crystal clear waters of this island give a calm touch to your mind and soul. You can visit Neil Island for watching magical sunrise and sunset. 

2. Mount Harriet National Park 

This national park is another notable place in the Andaman Islands. It has many cool beaches with long coastlines and high mountain ranges. You can also see Kalapathar at a distance of 2km from this national park. 

3. Cellular Jail National Memorial 

Another popular tourist attraction in the Andaman Islands is Cellular Jail National Memorial. It is a prison built during British rule where KaalaPani Punishment was given to prisoners. In World War II, this jail was destroyed but you watch many remains even today. 

4. Havelock Island 

The next is Havelock Island. It is one of the best tourist attractions on Andaman Island for visitors. You can do several things on these islands such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and beach hopping. 

5. ChidiyaTapu

ChidiyaTapu is a famous pot to witness a sunset in the Andaman Islands. You can see many exotic bird species in this region such as emerald doves, sea eagles, and parakeets. It is also a lovely place to spend some happy moments with friends and family. 

How to reach the Andaman Islands? 

You can reach the Andaman Islands by air routes or sea routes. You can book a flight from any major city in India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, or Kolkata to reach Port Blair airport.  You will get private ferries to reach the Andaman Islands from Port Blair airport. 

Best time to visit the Andaman Islands 

The best period to visit the Andaman Islands is between October to May. You can enjoy pleasant weather in these months with water sports and sightseeing. As far as possible, do not visit these islands during monsoons as you will face a high tide and strong winds. 

Things to try in the Andaman Islands 

There are a lot of things to try in the Andaman Islands such as:

  • Sea walking in Neil and Havelock Islands 
  • Volcano tour on Barren Island 
  • Kayaking in Mayabunder
  • Trekking in Havelock Island 
  • Parasailing in Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex